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Purchase Contract


     The Buyer agrees that the puppy will reside at the home of the Buyer. The puppy will be provided with proper housing, a good quality diet, exercise and annual vaccinations. The Buyer also agrees that he/she is not an agent for another person or business in this purchase.

     If at any time, you can no longer provide care for your animal, we will take the dog back anytime in its lifetime.  The Buyer should never consider euthanizing, taking it to an animal shelter or pet store, animal research facility, or any agent for these. We will work to find the animal a new forever home or keep it with us. We will not give a refund or provide another puppy if the animal is returned.

   We offer Limited AKC registration of puppies and Full registration in special cases. Limited registration means the animal can not participate in AKC Conformation shows or its puppies can not be registered with AKC. Full registration gives full AKC show rights and breeding rights. Our price is $1,100.00 for Limited Registration and Full Registration by special arrangement.

     We do not have a waiting list. For the health of our moms, we try to breed only once a year. I will post pictures of available puppies on our Facebook page: Hounds on the Prairie, and our website: If you choose an available puppy, I require $100.00 deposit to hold the puppy. A cashier’s check, personal check, bank draft, money order or cash is acceptable, NO credit cards. The remaining money must be paid in cash by time the puppy leaves our care. I do not ship! I am willing to travel up to 250 miles to meet you or there are animal curriers that may be arranged at Buyer’s expense. Please sign contract and include it with your down payment.



Buyer’s signature: _______________________________________________________________


Seller’s signature:_______________________________________________________________


Date: ___________________________________________

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